5-7/10 3-day, 2-night Hwa Om Song Jung Chanting

Su Bong Zen Monastery's 3-day, 2-night Hwa Om Song Jung Chanting Fundraiser will take place from October 5-7. We will be chanting Hwa Om Song Jung overnight without stopping.

We invite all friends from the ten directions to participate in this event. Let us chant together with the practice of ABC. May we all sincerely dedicate our practice for Hong Kong to be peaceful and for all of our minds to be settled.

Theme: One Voice, One Word, One Breath — Together Chant Hwa Om to Attain All Things

Chanting time: Oct 5 (Sat) 10AM to Oct. 7 (Mon) 3PM
Nighttime chanting: 10PM to 7AM; members only
Dharma talk: Oct. 7, 3-4PM

Please contact our Office for registration.
*Su Bong Zen Monastery reserves the right to make the final decision on the arrangement of all activities.

Ways to Support Us:

1.   Join us for chanting at the Zen Center for any duration on the above mentioned dates. Support each other as one and reap the benefits of together practice.

2.   Donations via cash, cheque, bank transfer or online payment PayPal.

3.  You may also sponsor the chanting event by filling out a sponsorship form obtained from the Zen Center.

4.  Sponsor a Bodhi Leaf: The Buddha sat under the Bodhi Tree and became enlightened. Thus we have created Bodhi Leaves to awaken the Bodhi mind in all beings, for wisdom to grow, and for all to obtain their true nature and enlightenment. You may visit the Zen Center to sponsor a Bodhi Leaf for HKD$300. When doing so you may write a wish or dedication on the Bodhi Leaf, and hang it on the Bodhi Tree especially made for our Hwa Om Song Jung chanting event. The Bodhi Leaves will remain hanging in the Dharma hall for merit until the end of this year. 





5.  All event sponsor names will be placed on the altar until the end of this year.