What Is That Tying You Up ?


During the Winter retreat, a participant asked Sifu a question. 

Student: When I was at home, I would sit meditation for 3 hours, and I would feel very good. Now at this retreat, I feel bored when I sit meditation. Why is that?

Sifu: When you feel bored, where is the true master? 

Commentary:  A 14-year-old boy Do Shin visited the Third Patriarch Tsang Charn and asked the Patriarch to teach him the way of true liberation. The Third Patriarch asked him: “What is that tying you up?” “Nothing,” Do Shin replied. The Third Patriarch said: “Then why do you need something to liberate you?“ Upon hearing this, he got a big awakening. Sometimes we need to ask who controls or decides our life. This questioning can transform a guest into a host. Anytime your emotions or feelings are bothering you, there is no need to reject or chase after them. If you don’t want to be a slave to your feelings and emotions, then, simply ask, “What is this?” This question will give you the freedom of choice. You can choose to be a slave or to have true freedom — your true master.