Together Action: Power of Sharing

One evening during an informal talk at the Providence Zen Center, a student said to Zen Master Seung Sahn: “Zen Master, you always teach about 'together action'. But suppose two people were hungry and had some food, but it wasn’t enough for both of them. What should they do?”

ZMSS: “Divide the food.”
Student: “No, they don’t have enough to divide it and keep them both alive. Then what should they do?”
ZMSS: “Divide the food and together die."

This is a beautiful teaching. How does this dialogue inspire you? How can we apply this spirit of sharing to our current pandemic crisis? It is not just about food, but anything that we need to survive, such as masks, face shields, and other medical supplies and gears to treat patients with Covid-19. We can all do our part. If you are a boss, you can protect your staff’s jobs but perhaps with less pay. If you are a developer or a landlord, you can help your tenants with lower rent. If you are the owner of a grocery store or supermarket, don’t mark up prices, earn less and share more. If you have any resources which can help those in need, this is a good time to practice the power of sharing. Even if you have nothing to share, please share your smile and words of loving kindness.

This is a time for us to wake up to the power of sharing. One day we will all die. But before we die, let us die gracefully with appreciation and gratitude. This is a way for us to reconnect with our True Nature, which is filled with Compassion and Wisdom.