Becoming Independent


Zen Master Su Bong
November 1992

We always talk about Zen as “becoming independent”. at means you believe in yourself 100%. However, many people misunderstand that speech. For some people, that speech only makes stronger “I am”. Or the speech “just do it” makes people think, “OK, I don’t care about anything, I just do it.” That still has “I”, so that action is not correct.

“Becoming independent” doesn’t mean “I become independent.” Truly “becoming independent” means this world can depend on me. Understand ? My parents, my family, my friends and my country can depend on me – that means “becoming independent”. “I am independent so I can do anything I like” is not correct independence. “Becoming independent” means “this world can depend on me”. Then what ? Everything can depend on you so you and everything become harmonious. Also, “everything can depend on me” means “I am dependent on everything”.

Here is a simple example, OK? I am driving and red light appears, so I am dependent on red light. is red light directs my life. Then I stop, so this world is dependent on me, and the other drivers can trust me. This driver coming this way, I am going that way. Red light, I stop, so this driver can believe me. He can depend on me, but my action is dependent on this red light.

Zen means correctly perceiving the situation clearly. Then what is my relationship? Then what is my correct function? That is correct life.