Bodhi Mind, Bodhi Vow


The Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree and became enlightened. This year we have prepared the Bodhi leaves again to awaken the Bodhi mind in all beings, for wisdom to grow, and for all to obtain their true nature and enlightenment.

You may support the Zen Center’s annual operational costs by sponsoring a Bodhi Leaf for HKD$200. When doing so, you can submit your wishes and dedications and sunims will help to write them on the Bodhi leaves. The leaves will then be hung on the Bodhi Tree especially made for our Hwa Om Song Jung chanting event until the completion of Winter Kyol Che early next year.

We have been receiving your wishes for the Bodhi Leaves dedication. Zen Master Dae Kwan and Sunims will write your wishes by hand on the leaves and sincerely hang them on the Bodhi Tree set up in the Dharma Hall for dedication.

Thank you very much for taking this wonderful opportunity to make dedication for others while supporting the operation of Zen Center. We are most grateful for your support!

You may select from the below payment methods:

(a) Send cheques (payable to "Su Bong Zen Monastery Ltd.")

(b) Bank transfer:

(HSBC account: 809-215098-838

OR BoC account: 012-873-1-060572-9;

Account name: Su Bong Zen Monastery Ltd.)

(c) Stripe online payment

For enquiries, please call 2891 9315