Anger Comes from Where?

By Zen Master Su Bong
Dharma Talk given at the Hong Kong Zen Center* in October 1992

Anger comes from where? I want something or I don’t want something, that’s all. The whole world is like that. I want something. If I don’t get it, I am angry. I don’t want something but got it, I am also angry. Not only anger, sadness and happiness as well. That’s Buddha’s teaching and that is not Buddha’s teaching. That’s world’s teaching. Every day we experience all those things so that is not Buddha’s teachings. Buddha only said that, if you want to find correct life, you must attain correct human beings.

Buddha never said if you want to attain correct life and happiness, you must become like me. His disciples said you must become Buddha but Buddha never said you must become Buddha. So, this suffering, sadness and this world’s condition are all created by mind alone. What does it mean?

Where do this anger, happiness, sadness, likes and dislikes etc. come from? We, human beings, made those things so we have those things. We have those things then we give them to our friends, people we like, and people we don’t like, so this whole world think about these things as having concrete substance. But, where is your anger? If you have sadness, give me your sadness. If you have happiness, show me.

*"Hong Kong Zen Center" was the former name of Su Bong Zen Monastery