300 Bows

300 bows is a good practice for us to repent sincerely and put down our ‘small I’. After the bowing, dedication will be made to those who have their birthdays this month.

Teacher:Guiding Teachers & Sunims
Date: 26 January 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 3:30pm-6:30pm
Place:Su Bong Zen Monastery

*We will celebrate for members whose birthdays are in February after the 88 Buddhas Repentance on 7 February.

**As per our usual practice, the Wednesday and Friday evening meditation sessions are open only to our precepts students and members (no registration is necessary). However, for all other activities such as sutra chanting ceremonies and group practice, all attendees are required to register beforehand for seating and logistical arrangements. The Su Bong Zen Monastery reserves the right of final decision on the arrangements for all activities.