The practice of Returning to Zero


At a Zen meditation beginners' class, Sifu taught us the practice of “hit”, like pressing the cancel button on a calculator, to return our mind to zero.  A student asked this question:

Student: How can we apply this practice of zero mind to everyday life?  Sometimes, it feels like I’m just forcing myself to return to zero.

Sifu: Every little thing in life, every step you take is like a “hit”, allowing your mind and body to become one with the outside world.  Returning to zero mind means you can hear clearly: when someone is scolding you, you would understand clearly what that person is scolding you for, and your mind would remain undisturbed if the accusation is groundless; and when someone is praising you, you would not be carried away.

Commentary: Approach all things with no mind and handle all matters without attachment.  This is the practice of returning to zero.

-Zen Master Dae Kwan