Gak Su Temple/Hae Su Zen Center Winter Retreat for 2024/25


Gak Su Temple/Hae Su Zen Center Winter Retreat for 2024/25 

You are invited to join us for the 2024/25 Winter Kyol Che at Gak Su Temple on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. Surrendered by evergreen forest mountains on either side, the quiet and simple surroundings of Gak Su Temple provide a nurturing environment for retreat. By joining the retreat, you will be able to restore your body and mind, put down your worldly worries and burdens, practice strongly, become one with Nature, and attain your true self to help this world.  You are encouraged to carve out some time in your normal routine to join the retreat. Do treasure this opportunity and apply soon. 

Date: 12 Oct 2024 – 12 Jan 2025
Completion Day:12 Jan 2025
Registration and Enquiry: Please complete this application form and submit via


  • Minimum participation is 7 days, enter and depart on Saturdays.

  • Registration is mandatory and quotas are limited.

  • Applicants must have completed the Introduction in Zen Meditation Course at Su Bong Zen Monastery or have been practicing at Kwan Um School of Zen for a period of time. Priority will be given to Su Bong Zen Monastery members.


    Due to the remote location and wet weather at Luk Wu, the cost of maintaining daily operation is substantial to upkeep a satisfactory environment for us to hold retreats. Therefore, you are most welcome to support the costs of food, water & electricity supplies and facilities maintenance for daily and in particular, during retreats. You may also support students who have financial needs to participate in the retreat. Your contribution will be an essential support to the practice of the monastics and participants.