For You

One student asked Zen Master Seung Sahn: “If you have no desire, why do you eat?”
Zen Master said: “When I’m hungry, I eat.”
“But why do you eat if you say you have no desire?”
“I eat for you.”
“What do you mean?"
“If I didn’t eat, I couldn’t teach you. So I eat for you.”

This is a very inspiring teaching for our new year resolution.

How can "for you" help our lives?

Zen Master Seung Sahn ate his food without attachment to his likes and dislikes. He knew the body needed nourishment to survive so he ate in order to practice, attain his true nature and help others. He ate not for himself, but for us; so that he could teach us to attain our true nature.

My Thai teacher Ajahn Pongsak used his Parkinson's disease to teach us. He used his sickness to show us how the mind was not affected at all by the sickness. He always smiled. He always made an effort to use his suffering body to do walking and sitting meditation even when he was 80 years old. So his sickness was not for himself but for us.

As a student in school, if we study for others and not for ourselves, the quality of learning will be very different. Our educational attainment can help us to survive and make a living, but at the same time, we can use this education to benefit our family and society.

As a husband or wife, if your existence is for your family, your quality of life will be filled with unconditional love. Everyone in the family will learn from this love, and they will bring this love with them to their everyday life. Society and their workplaces will also benefit.

In fact, if we can use any situation or obstacle not only for ourselves, but for others, then we can transform the limitations of our karma into dharma. This is how we can use our lives!

Let’s make our new year resolution based on this teaching. May we all cultivate this unconditional attitude towards life -- an unconditional quality of "for you" mind.

This world needs everyone to transform our lives to a spirit of "for you", and this world will be a wonderful “For You World". What will be your new year resolution?


Happy 2023 New Year of Rabbit!

World Filled With Love, Compassion, Happiness and Equanimity,
True Light Shines Everywhere, Flowers Bloom.