Insights from Practice – A Wonderful Journey

Fat Chi

Insights from Practice – A Wonderful Journey

"One million bows in one life! Every day at least 108 bows!” -- my practice began with this homework Sifu gave me.

Venerable Hin Yeung once encouraged me and said, ”Kung Lai (my lay name), no matter what happened, if you persist in bowing for some time, you will find that everything will not be the same anymore!”

Academically, I was admitted to a well known university on scholarship because of excellent academic results, but I have also experienced failing exams, even getting a zero score.

In my career, I have enjoyed the high time of getting promotions, pay rises, and big income, but I have also experienced being laid off, feeling down and frustrated.

In my love life, I once thought that by having a partner I would find my true home. That I would then be like a flower in full bloom, but actually no one can control the flower blooming or falling.

On my life journey of ups and downs, I have tended to be sentimental, pessimistic, and emotional, and I have suffered from frequent insomnia. Whenever I encountered disappointments, I would get stuck in negative emotions, and I could not pull myself out, leading to even suicidal thoughts.

Day after day, I just followed Sifu’s advice and bowed. More than three years have passed, the me that was negative, pessimistic, emotional and suffering from insomnia has slowly drifted away. My head which was like a thousand pounds heavy has become much lighter.

Without realizing it, on this journey of bowing, I have come to learn, step by step, to put it all down.

Put down anger, put down dissatisfaction, put down tension, put down stress, put down internal knots, put down stubbornness, put down thinking, put down emotion, put down my opinion, put down expectations, put down craving, put down discriminating mind, put down right and wrong, put down good and bad...

Like what Sifu taught at the Thousand People Meditation event: “If the pointer of a scale cannot go back to 0, it cannot function correctly!”

In Chinese, we say, the beginning of a journey of one thousand miles begins with one’s feet. I just want to share this article with those who are experiencing difficulties at this moment. Let’s support each other!

At almost 600,000 bows, I am deeply grateful to Sifu, Venerable Hin Yeung and all sunims for all their support and encouragement. And special thanks to my Dharma brothers -- I Shan, Yu Fu, Chu Si Hing, and Ah Wing -- for all their support!

Fat Chi

Insights from Practice – A Wonderful JourneyInsights from Practice – A Wonderful Journey