Video Game Zen

Life is like practicing a sport. If you are practicing running, or swimming, or kung-fu, or playing video games correctly, then you already understand this. If you practice anything well, you become very good at it. Once you are good at it, it becomes quite fun because it becomes very natural and easy to do.

Our whole life can be that way. How can you do that? When you are doing something, just do it. When you are eating, just eat. When you are watching TV, just watch TV, and when you are playing video games, only play video games. That name is "just do it".

Sometimes I play video games at our students' house. I like this kung-fu fighting game. First, it is simple and a little slow, but as the game progresses, it gets more complicated. These fighting characters become very fast, and they have many techniques. With the controller, you can control their hands, their feet, and everything. If you are 100% just doing it -- just playing -- then you can see everything on the screen.

First you must practice so that you know which button is for what, but after a while, your fingers become automatic on the controller. So sometimes two people are attacking you, and you know which one to hit first. But that time, just that time, your mother called your name, and you lost concentration, then you lost this game. When you are playing this game, if for one moment you think about something else, your hands make mistakes. That is life’s practicing. So this computer game is number one teaching. It's teaching us that when you are doing something, 100% just do it.

But you must take the teaching you get from this computer game and use it in every part of your life. So when you are eating, just eat. When you are swimming, just swim. If you are doing homework, just do homework. Everything you do, you must just do it like you are playing the computer game. Why? Because human being is a computer. Our brain is the most high class computer. If this computer is clear, it can do anything. But if for one moment you are attached to your like and dislike, or if you are afraid of something, or nervous about something, then this computer doesn’t work so well. Then you have suffering.

So our style of teaching is not special. It only means when you are doing something, just do it.