What is going to Pure Land?

Student: My mother is over 80 years old. One day after she washed her Dharma robe, it fell from the high building where she hung it, and she couldn't find it again. She was so upset because she had worn this robe since she took the five precepts more than 40 years ago. Her only wish was to wear it at her own funeral. Maybe this was a bad sign -- she lost her confidence that she could go to Pure Land after death. She was so worried. 

Sifu: Ask your mother: "During cremation time, where will the robe go? Will her consciousness or her Dharma robe go to Pure Land?"

Commentary: The Heart Sutra says: "Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form. The same is true of feelings. perceptions, impulses, and consciousness." This world is made of name and form. Name and form is for us to use in this lifetime. We shouldn't let name and form control our emotions. If we identify with name and form -- or even our mind -- as something very important, and we attach to it, then this will become a hindrance. We have a choice with our life: To be free from hindrances, or to be a slave and suffer. A mind without hindrance is Pure Land.