What is Stupid?

Student: Sifu, I am a stupid and slow learner. I want to first build up a good foundation, and then I will learn kong-an practice from you one year later. Is that okay?

Sifu: Before you were born, did you make any effort to build up a good foundation?


This winter retreat, we have a student who, when she first came, told us: “I don’t know whether I can finish the 3-month retreat or not.” However, every day she just kept trying with a Don’t Know Mind. This effort surprised herself and all of us. Every day her body and mind became calmer and stronger. Finishing the retreat without any stress became her only goal.

Every seed on earth will grow when it is given favourable conditions. Seeds never think “I am stupid” or “slow” — this is the same as our everyday life. Only our stupid thinking hinders us from “Doing It”.