Living in the here and the now!

Never advice  seems to be more simple and easy, within everyone's reach, it seems so obvious that so often, with a slight sense of superiority is taken for granted, only when we realize that it is not so simple as the words appear, it's not so obvious like we assume, then emerge the understanding of the perfection of his teaching.
I see to myself every time I'm lost in my thoughts, that the here and the now at that very moment, is all I have, all I own, what remains to me when I see that I am not in the future, where I suppose I was, and that old situation already lived is gone forever and will never return anymore.
My life, since I remember, is filled with countless details and layers of thoughts, emotions and habits, in such a way that sometime I felt tired or stressed, that when I get lost is quite natural like breathing or drinking.
As soon as I become aware and return to the present, I notice that the mind was listening to an inner voice that, as our Masters says, is like a back sit driver...noisy and talkative.
In the three days of non stop Chanting, Hwa Om Song Jong, that I had the privilege to attend for two nights at Su Bong Zen Centre, from 19:30 to 05:30, I knew that if I had listened to my back seat driver, I probably agreed about the difficulty to repeat for so long time always the same words.
But with the big enthusiasm, when I found myself inside the situation, during those hours, those two nights become even shorter, along with the energy of the Dharma Brothers and Sisters, the Masters, the sound of wooden and cardboard Moktak, the beautiful and delicious offering on the altar, the elegant flowers, the light of the colorful lanterns, made times ago for the birthday of Buddha, the piece of paper with dedications that dancing beneath it and make a light sound in the Buddha Hall, the faith and seriousness with which everyone gave the best of itself, the perfection of whom, was playing the moktak, followed with attention and guide all of us to keep the rhythm of the Chanting in its various cadence. 
It was for me an indescribable experience, to learn and live the here and the now, to be part of the whole that is simply harmony, hear the sound of my voice that became one with the sound of the Moktak, together with the voices around me. Follow the rhythm, from normal to fast, even faster, I observed those great students playing the Moktak, it would have been a moment to lose itself in a thought, and so drop the pace of the Moktak, to miss a shot and stop the long marathon of chanting, only for one simple thought, for a distraction, instead it was a big teaching for me, nothing left to chance, all in perfect time, all in perfect rhythm, moment to moment.
Thanks to all of you that have participated, to all the volunteers, that have served and organised before, during and after the event, to whom play the Moktak, to who smile at me and with big faith and compassion make the event unforgettable.
Thank you Sifu, to inspire and teach me through your energy and big vow.