Returning to the Root - on the Road in Korea with the Sangha

Won Do Shim


Returning to the Root

Without the Root, the Tree is not a Tree

Without the Trunk, the Tree is not a Tree
Without the Leaves, the Tree is not a Tree
So, which is more important, the Root, the Trunk, the Leaves?

Returning to the Root8 days together, with the Sangha, we were on the road in Korea, following the theme of 'Returning to the Root', off we were at Kanwoldo Island Hermitage, Magoksa Temple, Zen Master Seung Shan's Hermittage, Musangsa Temple, Sudoksa Temple, Choygesea, International Soen Center, Jinkwansa Temple, Hwagyesa Temple, Chun Jang Am Hermitage......the many places that our lineage teachers have been practising.

Moment to Moment, the Sangha was just keeping the practice of Go Striaght, keeping a Don't Know Mind,being clear of every situation, keeping its correct relationship, and correct function.

So, what is 'Returning to the Root'? What Root are we returning to?

On the wall of Mu Sang Sa Tea Room, there is a calligraphy of Zen Master Seung Sahn. It says 'The Tree without Roots'!

Why? Why 'The Tree without Roots'? Then, What Root are we returning to?

Tracing the footsteps of our Lineage Teachers, we came close to them, their aspirations, by being there of where they have practiced. All of our teachers had been practising in very minimal and difficult situations:

Returning to the RootZen Master Seung Sahn's Solo Hermitage 100-day's Great Dharnari Chanting, Zen Master Kyong Ho's very small sitting room in Chun Jang Am Hermitage..........
Their unshaken dedication and hard practice is for attaining 'Our' True Nature, returning to the Root that we all belong to. The teachers said, our practice is for All Beings!
Before the Tree with Roots, what is it?