When Someone is Hungry, Give Him Food



When Someone is Hungry, Give Him Food

On 24th May 2013, me and my classmates, Emily Wong and Selin Cheung met up at the Sham Shui Po Train station at exit A. At 5:50, we went out into the Sham Shui Po wilderness and handed out food.

At the first stop, we feed a whole box of food to elderly people, and even some drug addicts. Some of them were badly injured, such as only having one leg! One man I gave a box of food said he wouldn't steal or be bad ever again in his life if he received this box of food, then he bowed and left because the rest of the people lining up were shouting at him to hurry up. Some others later didn't even let him sit next to them, it looked like they really hated him. I felt sorry for him and felt appreciation for me because I had my own stuff and didn't live on the streets. The next stop was the Jade Market entrance, where we were amazed to find them with dirty mattresses with fleas and blankets. They were all very dirty and hungry but also very thankful for the food. Later on the way to the third stop( Tung Chau Park ), on the path there was some human poo. We were very surprised because we thought they would at least be able to use a public toilet! Anyway, when we went to a footbridge, there were so much more people than before, and it was very crowded. When we went up the footbridge to feed the people upstairs first, we were even more surprised to see some people living in BOXES! Afterwards, when we went back down, some people were arguing why we went to give the people upstairs food first! Soon, some people started arguing and shouting and pushing each other for the food! My mom and other volunteers had to hold hands and create a wall to stop them from getting the food. So the boss of this got an idea to give out food coupons and soon there were no more people!

We were so tired after this experience but we wanted to interview the boss first and ask for another time to meet him!

Overall, me and my friends learnt so much about Poverty in Hong Kong like their lifestyles and how bad is Poverty in Hong Kong. After today, we felt very appreciative and thankful for what we had. This has been a very good helpful experience where we learnt a lot!

Thank you so much Si Fu for helping us with our project!

Viola (善哉)